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In June 2020, the S.T.U.D.Y.S. Ministries Christian Academy (SMCA) of Lindenhurst was born. The SMCA was launched in honor of Don and Jan Arnold, Stalwart Stewards of the Kingdom of God, for the initial contributions to S.T.U.D.Y.S. Ministries.

The vision of SMAC of Lindenhurst is to provide a Christ-centered supportive learning environment in which ALL students achieve their highest potential through the collective efforts of students, teachers, parents, church and the community. It is our aim to develop all students as literate thinking problem solvers who are prepared to be productive and purposeful citizens with the gospel of Jesus Christ as their moral/ethical compass; and to arm the with Word of God to ultimately have a positive impact in this world to the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom.

SMCA is a private elementary school offering an individualized educational experience to students in kindergarten through 8th grade with an advanced academic approach to learning that is content-rich and economically affordable. The SMCA also offers Before and After care, Intramural Sports, Fine Arts, Musicology, and Arts and Agricultural Activities.

The A B Cs with Ace and Christy (Learning to Read) is phonics-based learning-to-read program that prepares students for the individualized ACE PACE curriculum.

SMCA's mission is to partner with families in the education of minds and the transformation of hearts to the glorify of God. As a private elementary school, we provide every student with rigorous learning experiences coupled with the expectation of high student achievement; to implement a creative curriculum that is rich in reading, math, engaged activities, technology, and that is inclusive of the needs and aspirations of our students and families.

Please welcome SMCA to our Juneteenth celebration!!!

Geteyed Eye Boutique Kloset is now an online boutique who offer great clothing and accessories and even greater customer service! We take pride in our customers . A fashion stylist is a available to help you with your style. Our items are very unique and picked specifically for our target market.. We offer shipping, pick up, and free local delivery .... so what are you waiting for Want to get dressed... get “ Eyed”"

Please welcome Geteyed Boutique to this year’s Juneteenth Celebration!!!

Train Intentionally

Antonio always had an entrepreneur mindset, and the drive to achieve greater heights. Graduating with a bachelor’s in business management he decided to utilize his degree towards his passion for fitness. His vibrant personality, admirable character, and devotion to his craft makes him the driving force behind the business.

Our Vision

holiAthlete Academy combines holy & holistic to convey our approach to living & training intentionally; Our faith in God is the foundation of our business, and holistic is our approach towards fitness. We believe in growth in all three areas of oneself: the body, mind, & spirit. Each component plays a huge part in our day to day lives, and we owe it to ourselves to grow in these areas. We have the responsibility to meet everyone where they’re at & support them in their journeys.

Take ownership to become better everyday.

We are holi.

Please welcome Antonio Davis to our Juneteenth celebration!!!

Deborah Solbrig

Solbrig Insurance Agency Inc

As your local agent in Lake and Kenosha counties, my agency provides Farmers® Insurance solutions to households and businesses by educating clients and providing outstanding customer service. We communicate with our clients on a regular basis through community events, articles, Farmers Friendly Reviews, and policy changes. Our clients feel we are their partners and are looking out for their best interests. We are off of Grass Lake Rd west of Hwy 45.

Give me a call at (847) 356-5560 and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Languages Spoken: English

Years of Experience

I have over 3 years of experience as a Farmers Insurance agent.


MBA, Lake Forrest Graduate School of Management, BS, California Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, and Fountain Valley High School, Fountain Valley CA

Neighborhoods Served

Lake Villa, Gurnee, Wadsworth, Pleasant Prarie, and Bristol

States Licensed In


Our Mission

To provide a holistic and safe environment to families fulfilling court mandated visits as they are seeking reunification.

Mechelle Hollins Casey is the Founder of DrinkWater Family Services, Inc. located in Lindenhurst, Il. Providing a holistic, warm and safe space to families seeking reunification. "While working as a case aide/case manager for several child welfare agencies, I recognized many disparities in which Parents were not offered a conducive environment for mandated visitations with their children. This burdened me. I believe if parents had a safe space where they felt comfortable and free to share their concerns and worries, this no doubt would help ease the pressure of them returning to society with their child(ren) and allowing them to gain power; set, and achieve realistic goals."

Services Provided:

  • Holistic, safe setting for mandate visits

  • Parent follow-up/training and coaching

  • Individualized and family therapy

  • Nutrition/dietary/medical resources

  • Educational/workshops/programs

Felicia Apprey is the founder of The African LIFE. The African LIFE is a multifaceted organization focused on bridging the gap between the children of the diaspora and the continent of Africa. TAL mission is to provide a platform that tells Africans their real stories that helps the world connect to Africa. The organization provides a platform through PR services, events, sponsorship and community outreach.

Apprey has provided platforms and services for organizations such as Africa International House, The African Festival of the Arts, Ghana National Council for GhanaFest, Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago (ECAC) for Ethiopia Fest, United African Organization, Black Fashion Week USA, Chicago South Side Film Festival and many other organizations. Her most proud moment was arranging for her tribe to be featured on a segment on ABC News to talk about Ghanaian culture including displaying of Ghanaian food, dances and fashion.

Apprey is a first generation born Ghanaian on the southside of Chicago. She was then sent to Ghana at three months to be raised by her grandparents until she was ten years old to help her parents get settled in America. Upon returning, she struggled to find her identity until she attended college. She then realized that she should be proud of her culture and she is the bridge to her ancestors and her future generations. She has dedicated TAL to making sure other American born Africans use their knowledge, experience and to connect to the diaspora, Africa and the world and share their stories so they can help maintain their heritage as it is crucial to their existence.

Machi Perrin

Machi is an all-around athlete and alumni of Lakes High School. Machi is most happy when he is tumbling and cheering. However, There is another layer to Machi .

After the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Machi felt a great need to do something to take a stand against police brutality. In June of 2020, Machi along with his family and some students from Antioch High School, decided to have a peaceful demonstration in Antioch., IL .The demonstration drew hundreds of other demonstrators and received some media attention. On that day is when B.R.I.D.G.E was founded. Alongside his family, Machi is helping to bring awareness and racial reconciliation in his community and surrounding communities by being a bridge builder and Building Relationships In Different Generations Everyday. Machi Plans to attend TSU to study Psychology in the fall.

Please welcome Machi Perrin to our Juneteenth celebration!

Justice Ford

Justice Ford, also known as Juicy Jai on her eclectic and boisterous podcast “unapologetic.”, has always been arts inclined. She started out singing in her elementary school’s choirs and later went on to graduate from the Chicago High School for the Arts as a Musical Theater major. Although she skipped out on college, she never skipped away from her dreams. She’s an award-winning playwright as well as an arts educator with the August Wilson Outreach Program. There is so much in store in her future, and she is ready to take the world by storm.

Mosaic Players Renee Johnson

Mosaic Players is a nonprofit traveling ensemble that creates and performs theatre focusing on social justice, human rights, and anti-racist issues while promoting dignity, equality, inclusiveness, understanding, and respect. Mosaic Players was founded in July 2020 and brings theatre to audiences by creating work that speaks to the challenges, concerns, and continued learning in different communities. We will be sharing a variety of works through adapting literature; devising and deriving collaborative works, media and found works; and writing original plays.

Renee Johnson is an actress, orator, and storyteller with over 30 years of performing on the academic and community stages of Lake County, IL. As a storyteller, Renee’s goal is to keep the African American History narrative alive by sharing stories that inspire and highlight the resilient spirit and journey of African Americans. She specializes in dramatic portrayals of historical African American women (Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Marian Anderson, Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisholm and Fannie Lou Hamer). Offstage, Renee is a resident of Antioch, IL, and Retired Army Veteran.

Renee will perform To be a Drum written by Evelyn Coleman

Welcome Mosaic Players and Renee Johnson to our 2nd annual Juneteenth celebration

Christine Taylor

Today we are highlighting Christine Taylor a.k.a "Point of Realization" who also goes by "Point" is an artist originally from Evanston, IL. She grew up singing in the church and later, while studying vocal performance in college, decided to pursue a career in songwriting and she hasn't stopped since! She worked in Atlanta for years writing and doing background vocals for many different artists, songwriters and producers. Now she is opening herself up to the indie artists scene to share more of her own work and creative insight as an artist. Currently, she's working on a mixtape called, "Real Ones," which should be released late July 2021.

Welcome Christine to our 2nd Juneteenth celebration in the Antioch, Lake Villa and Lindenhurst area.

D’Marius & Amanda Colletti

D’Marius Colletti is 7 years old and even though he is young, he is an old soul. He appreciates art, nature, and LOVES creating. He says he would love to be a voice over actor one day. He is full of life and laughter and captivates anyone he is around.

Amanda Colletti, along with her husband Steve, have the privilege of raising D’Marius as well as his gorgeous and caring sister, Joselyn and fun-loving, giggly brother, Emmanuel. The Colletti home is full of laughter, dance parties, chaos, and fun. Amanda is a former teacher, foster mom, and now adoptive mom, and is thankful to be a part of this rich growing community.

They will share a poem they created from the book, When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner. FB Welcome the Colletti’s to our second Juneteenth Celebration!!